Essential Film Holder

for Camera Scanning




Latest update – April 2022



A friendly note before you buy



We’re not quite as fast as Amazon...yet!


As at end of April 2022, we’ll have shipped 20,000+ units to some 75+ countries around the world.


We’re still receiving orders at a rate we could never have anticipated.


As one reviewer recently said, “The Essential Film Holder is THE ‘go-to’ film holder for camera scanning”.


Regular 5-star reviews in publications, both on- and off-line, such as UK’s Amateur Photographer Magazine, and many reviews on YouTube mean that the number of orders received continues to be high!



Our target is to dispatch all orders within 15 WORKING DAYS of receipt


Currently, we are achieving around 9-11 Working Days from your order to dispatch.


Please be patient – I guarantee you that we are working as efficiently as we are able and that your EFH unit, additional masks and accessories will be dispatched just as soon as possible – Thank you.






All EFH units now incorporate the new “v3.2” design

Essential Film Holder for Camera Scanning









Supports 35mm









Supports 120 formats

6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9




















Includes FREE
Worldwide Shipping





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Why does it still take Sooo long?

We know you are keen to get your hands on your Essential Film Holder. We understand that.


Some buyers still have a rather unrealistic “AmazonPrime” expectation of next day delivery.

I’m really sorry, but that’s just not going to happen!


Each film holder is custom assembled and film-tested in-house - and I mean literally in our house, so please bear with us. We want everything to be as perfect for you as it is for every single buyer.


You can monitor our live Dispatch Status here  (


After, say, 15 working days after ordering, please feel free email me for an estimated dispatch date.

However, if you chase me 24 hours after purchasing, there’s very little I can do to speed the process – sorry!


Can I expedite the shipping for my delivery?

Yes, you can.


Contact me and I will give you a price for expedited delivery using a premium courier service.


As a guide, expedited processing and shipping typically costs around an additional £25 - £35 for a 5 day service.

Obviously, we cannot know about, or allow for courier issues, but we have hit the 5 day goal on many occasions.



Can I cancel my order after purchasing?

Having read the above, we hope you don’t feel the need to cancel, and that the short wait will be worth it.


However, as with any “distance purchase”, you have the right to cancel and get a full refund.


Please note that if we’ve shipped your EFH, then you will need to send back your unopened parcel before we issue a refund. You’ll receive a full set of Terms once we process your order.






Additional masks for 35mm slides, XPAN wide format, 35mm Sprockets and 120 Borders can be added after you complete your main EFH purchase. Check your email for all the details




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