Essential Film Holder

for Camera Scanning




Latest update – July 18th 2020



A friendly note before you buy...



Deliveries are MOSTLY back to last !!


For the UK and most of Europe, delivery times are pretty-much back to normal.


HOWEVER, for the Rest Of World, including USA, things are still subject to major disruption, most notably to Florida, Texas and California.


So, as an indication, here’s what’s currently  being achieved by the various couriers that we use...


Delivery address within...


Latest Delivery Timescale from order...




could be up to 5-7 days   (was 28 days)


European area


could be up to 8-10 days   (was 30 days)


US/Canada/South America/Taiwan/China/other


could be up to 18-28 days   (was 35 days)


Please note, these are just a guideline – couriers are subject to operational problems too!



A recent UK shipment arrived in just 2 days!! Let’s hope all regions can start to move your EFH parcels that fast.



Please continue to purchase if you’re OK with above – thank you.






Essential Film Holder for Camera Scanning









Supports 35mm









Supports 120 formats

6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9




















Includes FREE
Worldwide Shipping





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Can I expedite my delivery?

Sure, but note that paying for a fast courier does not imply we’ll be ready to ship it any faster than we would for everyone else.


Contact me and I will give you a price for expedited delivery using a premium courier service.


As a guide a 2-day FedEx to the USA or Canada is around £133. A 24-hour DHL express is £280.

Within the UK a guaranteed 2-day service with ParcelForce would be £39.


(Each location requires a different charge, so these are just examples, not commitments.)


Can I cancel my order after purchasing?

Yes, of course, as with any “distance purchase”.

However, if we’ve shipped your EFH and it is expected to arrive within our stated timescales, then you will need to send back your unopened parcel before we issue a refund.


Why does it still take Sooo long?

Some buyers still have a rather unrealistic “AmazonPrime”-like expectation of next day delivery.

Frankly 3 days for an economy service in the UK is pretty good! It won’t get much better than that!


However, if you chase me 24 hours after purchasing, there’s very little I can do to speed the process – sorry!


The situation IS changing, almost day-by-day, however I want to be up-front and honest about the likely delivery timescales of your EFH.




Masks for 35mm slides and/or XPAN formats can be added after you complete your mains EFH purchase.




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