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23:59 GMT on Monday 27th Nov ’23


EFH-09-SA -PLUS- 35mm Slide Mask

 Just £57


(That’s 30% OFF the Normal Price of £65 + £17 = £82)


This offer is for the specified bundle ONLY.



EFH-09-SA Recap...


With full simple-to-follow instructions, it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble your

Essential Film Holder and, for that small effort, you are getting the very BEST film holder!


Current v3.2 Design for 35mm masks

Current v3.2 Design for 120 masks (6x9)

Industry Best Diffuser

Precision Laser-Cut Guide Layers

Same Parts as pre-assembled units

Same Masks as pre-assembled units

Same Options as pre-assembled units

...Same Great Results


...and 35mm Slide Mask


Super-simple to use

Fitted to your EFH unit in just a few seconds

Allows scanning of standard mounted 35mm slides



Bundled Together for just £57

...giving EVEN Greater Value!



You’re a film buff

You shoot 35mm film and slides, such as Velvia, Provia or Ektachrome

You are getting going on “Camera Scanning” your huge archive of negatives and slides.



But you need to find a way of holding your negatives flat and stable

You’ve seen the alternative solutions... heavy, cumbersome, fiddly to use, non-recyclable...and SO costly!


Slides need to be positioned just as carefully as negatives

Fast, hassle-free mask for mounted 35mm slide in the optimum position, with optimum backlighting


Essential Film Holder Is Your Answer

Fantastic, Stable, Durable, Reliable and Repeatable Performance, with many Optional Masks.


***** Awesome Reviews Everywhere *****

Essential Film Holder is STILL the ONLY film holder to EVER have received





from UK’s leading Photography Magazine Amateur Photographer.

Click HERE for Amateur Photographer’s full review.


See For Yourself...

Just type in “Essential Film Holder” into your search engine or take a look on YouTube.

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This is our 2023 Black Friday Offer


Buy YOUR Essential Film Holder Bundle

EFH-09-SA -PLUS- 35mm Slide Mask

at the special price of just £57


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This Offer is valid until 23:​59 GMT on M​onday 27​th N​ov ’23.

May not be used on pre-existing orders or in conjunction with any other offer

and may be withdrawn or amended without notice.

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